Fear, faith and hope – just three of the emotions felt during the long, wet summer of 2010-2011. The floods and cyclones of that wet season produced a natural disaster which will continue to influence the lives of the people in Queensland for years to come. The scale was huge, but out of the wreckage a wonderful story emerged- a story of community spirit and human resilience as friends, neighbours, and total strangers came together to help one another through the worst aspects.

‘This song, just rain on a tin roof, that had started in northern Queensland the year before had now become a swelling symphony . . . ‘ MATTHEW CONDON, Qweekend

Fear, Faith and Hope tells the events of that long, wet summer through- over 300 photographs taken by Courier-Mail and other photographers compassionate reports from journalists who were on-the-ground timelines of the events leading up to and during the summer a full-colour map of Queensland showing flood-affected towns. Fear, Faith and Hope is an eyewitness account of the disasters as they unfolded, from the far north and gulf country to the border in the south. It focuses on the personal anecdotes of those who experienced it, and its tribute to the people of Queensland and a celebration of their enduring spirit. Royalties from this book will be donated to Australian Red Cross disasters relief and recovery projects.

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