Matthew Condon is a prize-winning Australian novelist and journalist.

He began his journalism career with the Gold Coast Bulletin in 1984 and subsequently worked for leading newspapers and journals including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun-Herald, Melbourne’s Sunday Age and The Courier-Mail and The Australian.

He has written ten books of fiction, including The Trout Opera and is the author of the bestselling true-crime trilogy about Queensland crime and corruptionThree Crooked Kings (2013), Jacks and Jokers (2014), All Fall Down (2015) and Little Fish are Sweet (2016). His most recent book is The Night Dragon (2019).

“Condon is neither an academic nor a historian. He is one of the finest writers of his generation, but one who has often been inexplicably overlooked.” - The Monthly

His novels include a trilogy about police and political corruption in Queensland, the volumes of which have been nominated for a wide range of awards: the third volume won the Australian Book Industry Award for Small Publishers’ Adult Book of the Year. His other awards include winning the Queensland Premier’s Award (short story) for The Lulu Magnet.

In 2019 Matthew was a recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM).

Matthew Condon
Brisbane News

‘Condon takes the reader on an extraordinary journey.’

Australian Book Review

‘Matthew Condon’s true crime series is not just a compelling read: it is compulsory.’

Matthew Condon's Awards and Recognitions

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